Weskeal West

Senior Account Manager


Weskeal West Bio

Weskeal West is a Senior Account Manager based out of AVI-SPL’s Denver, CO office. She has more than 25 years of account management and team leadership experience, including 15 years in the technology industry. Prior to joining AVI-SPL, Weskeal held executive roles focused on managing facilities construction departments, architectural, engineering design teams, technical and operations teams in support of customer accounts around the country and across many industry types. With AVI-SPL, Weskeal serves as a unique technology advisor through the project lifecycle enabling her to bridge the gap from building design to technology integration and adoption. Weskeal is an active member of IFMA, was a featured presenter at Denver RocCon, IFMA Knosh & Know & CEDIA events featuring smart building technologies. Weskeal holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design from Kansas State University.


AVI-SPL Profile

AVI-SPL provides strategy, technology & services so your organization can meet face-to-face and share content in real-time with anyone from virtually anywhere with communications and conferencing, networked audio and video, and online learning technologies.