Nicholas Whitaker

Chief Wellbeing Officer & Coach

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Nicholas Whitaker Bio

Hello, I'm Nicholas... Wellbeing and Performance Coach, Co-founder of the Changing Work Collective, and Host of The Needs Improvement Podcast. As a Master Certified Life Coach and Certified Mindfulness Facilitator, along with 20+ years in big tech and media, I specialize in guiding mid-life tech professionals to break free of their golden handcuffs to find purpose and fulfillment beyond titles and paychecks.

 Prior to this work, I spent 10+ years producing, directing, editing, and shooting videos and still images for news, corporate, entertainment, and advocacy media. I was also a university professor in NYC, teaching courses in video production, new media, and media theory.

My mission at Changing Work Collective is to radically transform the nature of work from the inside out while championing healthier work environments and a renewed sense of balance, purpose, and vitality. On my podcast, I share inspiring stories and lead insightful discussions on what truly needs improvement in our corporate world—emphasizing neurodiversity, mental health, and well-being advocacy.

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