Mary Allard Bio

Mary has an infectious positive energy that lifts up everyone she meets.

Earning a degree in Contemplative Psychology and serving in many mentor and leadership roles, she was naturally drawn to social sciences and the way people relate to one another. In these experiences, Mary began to see that the more people could lean into postures of curiosity and humility towards one another, the more we could see how much we all have in common, as well as recognizing the beauty in our differences. This was the beginning of the idea of The Third Place beyond its traditional definition.

Third Place Podcasting

Third Place Podcasting

Third Place Podcasting Profile

Mary Allard and David Gaines started Third Place Podcast to provide a place for the grey conversations of life. As a collective society, we haven't exactly been doing a good job of having hard conversations lately. When it comes to things like politics and religion, each one of us can likely think of a strained relationship with a friend or family member... maybe even several. But now more than ever, we need to come together. We have to figure out how to talk openly and honestly about things like racial tensions, about the gender pay gap, about death, grief, and basic human needs. So, the question we are continually trying to answer through the Third Place Podcast is: how do we bring awkward topics into a comfortable space? If the topic makes us cringe, that's when we know we should lean in. That's great, but what does that have to do with audio quality and the Podcast Publishing House? In fact, audio quality is essential to creating safe and welcoming digital spaces. If the audio is hard to listen to–whether because of poor connections, different volumes, or lots of background noise–then we've created a barrier for our listener. Chances are, terrible audio will prevent them from returning to our comfortable corner of the internet. High-quality audio is the foundation to capturing new listeners, hosting a great listening experience, cultivating a dedicated community, and making a bigger impact with your platform.