Jhonette Perdue

Representing WIFMCO, CFVA and the film forum FIND


Jhonette Perdue Bio

Jhonette enjoys giving back to her local community through film and non-profit volunteering and has been involved in film for over 15 years. In that time, she has been involved in casting, acting, prop making, behind the scenes, networking and various other pre and post production roles. 

She currently is the Vice President of Women in Film and Media of Colorado. The Membership Chair of CFVA and on the Film Committee and the Moderator of the FIND film forum. She has a broadcasting background and has edited and ingested Network and Live Broadcast shows for the CW, Business First, Top Story, Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Kimmel, sports, and the New Years Ball Coast to Coast Network Event Ball Drop.



CFVA Profile

The Colorado Film and Video Association serves the professional media industry by offering educational opportunities- promoting its members- and growing connection and community to build a stronger industry in our state.