Jess Stainbrook

Chief Entertainment Officer


Jess Stainbrook Bio

With 8 Emmy Awards and 34 nominations, Jess Stainbrook is the Founder and Chief Entertainment Officer of FSPN, the Faith+Sports Programming Network that produces a wide variety of inspirational content through talking with professional athletes about their faith for broadcast networks and faith-based outlets around the globe and online. Jess has been shooting and directing media all over the world since he started his first creative services ad agency while still in college at Temple University in Philadelphia. Jess’ credits include producing/directing programming around major sporting events such as the NFL Super Bowl, Olympics, Grand Prix/NASCAR Racing, World Cup Skiing, and many more. His clients include broadcast networks like ESPN, PBS, MTV, A&E, AT&T, and international corporations such as Bell Atlantic and ARAMark just to name a few.

Jess is the Director of Digital Media and a Professor of Communication at Colorado Christian University, leading the new Strategic Communication Major teaching digital media, visual storytelling, graphic design and visual culture. Jess served as an Exclusive Advisor on The Bible series and Son of God movie by Mark Burnett (Survivor, The Apprentice, Shark Tank) and Roma Downey (Touched By An Angel). Jess led the creative and business efforts as the Executive Producer for Seven Days in Utopia, the inspirational major motion picture featuring Academy Award winners Robert Duvall and Melissa Leo. The movie was Movieguide®’s “Teddy” Award winner and the Templeton Foundation’s Nominee for Most Inspirational Movie of the year. Jess has been invited as a keynote and breakout media speaker at conferences and events such as the Milan International Film Festival, National Association of Telecommunication Officers & Advisors Government Programming Awards, the International Television & Video Association, Media Communications Association International, The Secret Knock, and many others.  


fspn Profile

fspn is the Faith + Sports Programming Network, with the mission of providing safe yet creative content for all ages to enjoy across all genres, presenting positive role models and good character in sports and entertainment, engaging our world with encouraging stories that inspire people in their daily decisions to “be a light” and positive influence in this world.

fspn is a unique broadcast media non-profit company with the vision for “filling the gap” between traditional sports media with faith-based content, engaging viewers and audiences with broadcast quality, high-profile interviews and creative programming talking with athletes, coaches and entertainers about their faith, family, friends, sports and life as well as entertaining programming that supports the truth of good values in our community and global citizenship.