James Strawn

Sr. Software Quality Engineer, Premiere Pro Family Engineering


James Strawn Bio

James Strawn has over twenty years of experience developing desktop applications and internet technologies for creative professionals. His extensive testing and real-world usage of products like Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator has given him expertise in those and other applications. His work product team work has included extensive testing of User Scenarios, Hardware Integration, Application Performance, Installation, Usability, Documentation, Interoperability, Localization, Continuous Build Delivery and Release Verification. His proficient writing skills have been utilized in the authorship of clear, comprehensive test suites and user documentation. Proven effective communication skills have enabled James to identify and resolve serious problems early in the development process. He has worked closely with clients and partners ranging from high-profile Film and Video producers to individual and hobbyist users, always providing patient and thorough support.


Adobe Profile

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