Ethan Solomon

Drone Cinematographer

Ethan Solomon Bio

What started out as a passion for flying drones before and after work, soon formed into a career. I have had the pleasure of shooting and editing videos including drone and ground level video, leading to amazing experiences, including taking my skill set internationally. Traveling around Southeast Asia, meeting a diverse range of people and capturing the most wonderful views, cultures, and stories you can imagine, sparked my passion for video production. I continued to pursue video production and created SoloDome Productions, where we focus on outdoor adventure production as well as corporate productions. Recently I have dipped my toe into the film and TV industry where I have captured aerial content for shows such as Disappeared, Love During Lockup and other Tru Crime style Docuseries. Drones are something that will always improve in technology and its the job of people like me to keep up to date with new tech in order to keep the industry moving forward.