Christie Mitchell

Senior Regional Manager

Liberty AV Solutions

Christie Mitchell Bio

Christie Mitchell began her career in Lexington, Kentucky, entering the workforce as an entry level salesperson for Cumulus broadcasting. Radio sales and account management led to a diverse career in marketing and advertising until making the transition into AV in 2013. Christie began work at local integrator, Lava Systems, building out the framework for Lava Security Solutions, a new business venture focused on smart home technology. This work led to significant opportunity in the residential space where she spent the next several years of her career until landing in the commercial industry as Regional Manager for SurgeX. Prior to her departure, Christie’s role expanded within the organization to represent all of the West Coast.  Christie currently works as a Senior Regional Manager for Liberty AV Solutions which is conveniently located here in the great state of Colorado. When Christie is not building relationships in the Rocky Mountain Region, you can find her hiking with her dog and learning how to ski!

Liberty AV Solutions

Liberty AV Solutions Profile

Liberty AV Solutions was originally known for its diverse selection of wire and cable products, uniquely designed with labor-saving install features, such as color-coated cable jackets, that save time and increase profitability for the installer. Today, Liberty has evolved into a full, AV Infrastructure systems provider offering point-to-point electronics, BYOD content sharing solutions, digital signal management, cables, and connectors… all backed by the support of a knowledgeable in-house, customer support team. With an ever-growing portfolio of products, Liberty AV has maintained both their quality and their personal connection to the installer, delivering products that are cutting-edge, yet easy to install and user friendly.