Alan O'Hashi Bio

Alan O'Hashi is a seasoned filmmaker his latest of five PBS documentaries is "Beyond Sand Creek" released in February 2023. He is also a published author. His memoir "Beyond Heart Mountain" published by Winter Goose Publishing was followed by four other books written during COVID-19 self-isolation. His novel "Libby Flats" is projected to be released in November. Alan is the President of the CyberWyoming Board of Directors and is keenly aware of the threats Artificial Intelligence poses to small and large businesses.

He will present his experiences with AI as a writer and filmmaker and will facilitate a discussion among workshop attendees about AI risks and opportunities.

Boulder Community Media (BCM)

Boulder Community Media (BCM) Profile

Boulder Community Media (BCM) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that doesn't save whales, house the homeless or find pets their forever homes. However, BCM helps those who do tell their stories in compelling ways through the power of motion pictures. BCM provides the full range of production services, including fiscal agency for fund raising.